3808 S Marion Road

Sioux Falls, SD. 57106


Church #: 605-362-1074



Intercessory Prayer... 9:15 AM

Worship Service... 10:00 AM

Children's Church... 11:00 AM



Intercessory Prayer... 6:15 PM

Bible Study... 7:00 PM

Youth Service... 7:00 PM

Children's Ministry... 7:00 PM

Our Name


We have chosen the name "Mount of Olives Ministries" because it played a significant part in the life and Ministry of Jesus Christ. It is mentioned in reference to man seeking the wisdom, counsel, presence, and power of God and is the location of Jesus' return to establish His Kingdom.


We have chosen the name "Family Worship Center" because we are committed to the strength and unity of the Family through spiritual worship and teaching Biblical truth and principles to all ages and special groups.

© 2019 Mount of Olives Ministries - Family Worship Center, Sioux Falls, SD.

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